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New songggg

2013-10-05 17:15:46 by JQiscool

so i mad a new crappy old song
It's really kinda alright, I mean its a little rusty but whatever.
go check it out!

Radio Station!

2013-05-06 20:09:03 by JQiscool

Hey all!
I now have a broadcasting station in which i broadcast music of all types.
here's the link: http://grooveshark.com/#!/jq123/broadcast
(you have to highlight the whole link and then paste it in your address bar)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go check it out.
The radio is online from 6-8 (Central Time) every night

Radio Station!

Lots of News

2013-03-10 14:05:55 by JQiscool

Hey guys..
I just recently created a new playlist featuring what i think are the BEST songs on Newgrounds.
Please go check it out at http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/e6f90bb e7f6017b271e39038f3f0139c
It has old songs, new songs, just songs that are awesome.
If you would like me to add a song just PM me about it!
Also, I am now doing a collab with DanaZs, with his song, "Dark Moon"
If you want to check out the original, go here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/481374
sadly, my song with PoniiBoii isn't going to be released. I'm sad but glad to know that he wasn't holding back for no reason.
Otherwise, I just created a new song called "It Doesn't Have to be Luv" (I meant love, but the freakin character limit stopped me) ALSO go check out "Victory" which was the instrumental to the song i was going to do with Poniiboii, and lastly check out Dark Hipster.

Thanks, stay frosty


Lots of News


2013-03-04 18:28:37 by JQiscool

I might be coming out with more love-based songs.
I have a crush on a girl in my bio class so....
i might be focused on her while making music lol
get ready :/


2012-12-17 23:01:09 by JQiscool

Super excited...
I'm making a song with SenatorJohnDean, a phenomenal singer.
I can't wait to work with him,
I'll tell you when the track comes out which sadly won't be for a while due to a broken computer.
But hey, it's getting done, and thats all that matters :)
In the meantime, check out my music!


2012-12-12 22:25:27 by JQiscool

Ive made A LOT of new songs lately.
I'll post them as the week goes on.
Check em out!!

I'm back

2012-10-19 17:25:06 by JQiscool

I took a very long break
Almost 3-4 months of no song work
Well I got some new songs out now
Might as well check em out :)


2012-04-09 15:03:14 by JQiscool

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New Song

2012-01-31 21:27:50 by JQiscool

Unfortunately i cant get this song onto Newgrounds.
Here is a link to my remix of "Tonight is the Night"
Then please search "JQiscool" then click on the first song.
Please be sure to vote for it to win the contest!

New Song

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2012-01-06 21:19:45 by JQiscool

Twitter: @JQiscool
Youtube: Jqiscool1
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